A (socially distanced) trip to Bath

A few photos from a short Bath staycation

It was lovely to just get away from the house I’ve been confined to since March. The above photos was taken on a hot Saturday afternoon – so it was definitely a lot quieter in the city than in pre-covid times.

Bath is such a beautiful city, with gorgeous buildings around every corner. Most of the main tourist attractions were closed, but with bright sunshine just exploring the city was really fun.

After a little while, you get so used to all the Bath stone, so the landmarks start catching you off-guard. Literally, even the famous Royal Crescent was stumbled upon.

I don’t know about you, but my instant thought when arriving at the Royal Crescent (above) and The Circus (below) was how much do these houses cost? They’re so stunning and look like something straight out of a film – you can hardly imagine real people living in them.

I imagine it would also take a bit of the magic away to see a ‘for sale’ sign outside. After a quick Google, though, I did discover that most of the gorgeous houses are, actually, split into flats – which also takes some of the magic away. But still – beautiful.

I’ve been a little Covid anxious, so it was equally refreshing and daunting to get out of the house. However, in Bath, it was quite comforting to see everything quite spaced out, servers wearing visors, and lots of outside options, as we weren’t totally comfortable with eating or drinking indoors.

We spent a lot of our time in the park (Parade Gardens in particular), but also visited some bars and restaurants outside. We were blessed with beautiful weather to be able to do this.

Bath was full of gorgeous side streets like the one above. We love the Mediterranean eat-and-drink-in-the-street thing, and Bath was totally equipped to cater to that. I would love to see this become more common in the UK – I believe some cities are starting to close streets to allow for this (particularly in Liverpool and London), which is really exciting.

My top picks for visiting Bath

As I mentioned before, most things were actually still closed, but we still managed to enjoy ourselves!

  • Green Park Station This is a farmer’s market in an old train station. Cute to have a wander round!
  • The Royal Crescent A must! Also, much bigger and imposing in real life.
  • Royal Victoria Park When you’ve walked all the way to The Royal Crescent, you may as well have a little rest in the lovely park across the road.
  • The Circus Another (less famous?) must. The Georgians loved their curved houses!
  • Bath Abbey A beautiful monument right in the middle of the city.
  • Parade Gardens Beautiful scenery all around, including a river, lovely trees, and lovely buildings on the streets above.
  • The Roman Baths We couldn’t go inside, but still pretty from the outside!
  • Pultney Bridge and Great Pultney Street A beautiful, wide street that makes for a nice womble.

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