Review: Nespresso’s New Ice Coffee Capsules

I tried Nespresso’s recently released coffee capsules made for ice coffee – here’s what I thought!

A couple of weeks ago, I shared how I make iced coffee using my Nespresso Vertuo machine. I recently got my hands on Nespresso’s new capsules that are made specifically for iced coffee, so of course I had to share my thoughts.

The new range includes four capsules: two for the original machines, and two for the Vertuo machines.

I have a Vertuo machine so I chose the Ice Leggero pod as a tester, mainly because I prefer that size coffee.

As always, my pods arrived the next day, and I was very excited…

The packaging is so gorgeous and vibrant!

The pods are also pretty cute!

The box recommends that you fill a glass with 180 grams of ice, pour the coffee over it, and then top up with cold water or cold milk (180 ml) to taste. I don’t have any weighing scales, so I just filled a glass with all the ice I had and hoped for the best!


It definitely didn’t fill the glass as much as I expected (I don’t know what I was expecting), but there we have it. The official Nespresso photos are much more aesthetic.

The good

  • Has a really great taste
  • Tastes more like a Costa iced latte than I’ve ever been able to make at home (this may not be a pro for everyone…)
  • Really lovely packaging
  • Light taste – felt quite summery

The bad

  • Not as rich as the coffee I make with a double espresso pod
  • It works just like any other capsule with ice – I knew it was unlikely but a small part of me was hoping they’d figured out a way to brew the coffee cold


This was a nice experience, and I love the packaging, but the coffee was exactly like any other pod brewed over ice. I’ve experimented with a few pods in the past, and this tasted exactly like the ordinary Bianco Leggero capsule. I’m not convinced the coffee is actually any different – just in a different capsule – especially since the coffee still comes out hot.

If I learned anything from this experience, it’s that more ice makes for a really refreshing coffee – but I’m probably going to stick with my double espresso pods for now.

Check out how I usually make iced coffee below!

How to make the best iced coffee at home

I love iced coffee. Here’s how I make it at home.

July 9, 2020

Published by Liv

My name’s Liv, I’m 19 years old, and I’m currently studying English at Jesus College, University of Cambridge. From the age of 16, I ran a blog called LibroLiv that contained book reviews and other bookish things, but I recently created this new blog as a platform to share general thoughts, ideas and ramblings. I hope you enjoy reading what I have to say!

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