Slow Goldie: Earrings haul & review

I bought myself some gorgeous earrings for my 20th birthday –

here’s what I thought!

Slow Goldie, with humble beginnings as a lockdown project, is a Sheffield-based earring shop selling through Instagram, Etsy, and with a stall in Bird’s Yard, Sheffield. A quick scroll through the page’s Instagram feed gives you a good idea of the Slow Goldie ethos: well-made, high-quality, whimsical earrings made sustainably and with love.

The earrings are bold, statement pieces made of lightweight polymer clay, and unlike anything I’ve come across before. I’m an accessories girl, and I’ve loved watching earring shops spring up left, right and centre on Instagram – and my phone loves to recommend them to me! – but I’ve never found designs as bright and lovely as Slow Goldie’s.

There is a core collection on the Slow Goldie Etsy store, with a range of colourways and custom designs negotiable with the store’s creator and maker, Amelia.

With a lifelong ethos that you should always buy yourself a birthday present, I decided to order myself 5 pairs from the core collection, and I’m totally in love!

My earrings arrived in this perfectly-sized letterbox package,

with a cute sticker on the close…

And here they are!

Earth marble hoops

Marbled, earthy, sparkly hoops for a subtle statement (oxymoron?)

When I saw a photo of these marble hoops on Instagram, I thought they were just gorgeous.

They’re not my typical colour palette – I don’t think blue is my colour – but I thought I may as well take the plunge and buy myself a pair. Even if they don’t suit me, they can sit pretty on my earring stand!

Trying them on, though, they suit me better than I expected!

I wore them to brunch with an otherwise dark/neutral outfit, and I think they worked really well to spice up the look.

I also adore the gold and how it sparkles when the sun hits!

Heart tower drops

The compliment earrings that fell right out of the 80s

I get so many compliments when I wear these! I think it’s because they’re bold and statement whilst still managing to be sleek and elegant.

It’s tough to find bright earrings (especially orange ones!) that also somehow manage to be subtle, but this pair really masters that.

They’re a manageable size for everyday wear, really light, and surprisingly versatile.

Cow print large donuts

It was love at first sight…

After deliberating over all of the gorgeous choices on the Slow Goldie Etsy store, these were the first earrings that I settled on.

They’re chunky and bold but also monochrome and cool. They remind me of so many different aesthetics, whether that’s country, Coachella, or just a cool-girl look.

They’re quite big, so maybe not the best accessory choice I’ve made in the recent windy weather in the UK.

However, Slow Goldie recently launched a stud version into the core Etsy collection, so that’s cow fun for everyone!

Gold leaf oval/semi-circle studs

A little less extra, a little more understated, still sparkly and gorgeous

These studs are the lightest and most manageable of the bunch, perfect for the days when your ears need a break, or you’re just not feeling so extra.

The gold also makes these a great transition earring from day to evening! I’m excited to give them their outside debut.

Aren’t these black studs so elegant? I feel sophisticated.

Check out Slow Goldie on Etsy and Instagram!

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