Liv, laugh, lunch: The Spaghetti Incident, Bristol

Immaculate vibes and food at this unassuming Italian restaurant in Bristol – where the pasta is made in house!

TL;DR: It was pretty incredible.

The food

There is a special place in my heart for arancini, and The Spaghetti Incident solidified my love. My friend and I split two balls of arancini between us to start, and found ourselves in creamy, crispy heaven. We tried the two vegetarian options: cauliflower cheese and leek and gorgonzola. The first was slightly larger than the second, and rightly so – the gorgonzola was a much stronger taste, enjoyed best in a smaller bite.

For mains, we both opted for pasta, and I have honestly never tasted pasta so good. With a good range of meaty, veggie and vegan options, I felt a little spoiled for choice. Eventually, I settled on the spinach tonnarelli with red pesto (pictured below), and was truly blown away.

Vegan joy: spinach tonnarelli with red pesto, sundried tomatoes, almonds, basil, fried kale

This is the first vegan pasta dish I have tasted that felt whole – nothing was missing, and nothing was trying to be meat or dairy. The pasta was made (in house!) with spinach and came with a red pesto and sun dried tomato sauce with crunchy crushed almonds, topped with fried kale. I have been daydreaming about it ever since. (My friend had the ragu, with equally good reviews.)

The drinks

Though not the star of the show, The Spaghetti Incident has a pretty solid drinks menu with a decent range of cocktails and wine, a couple of beers on tap and plenty in bottles, all with decent prices.

The vibes

Immaculate. Quick and attentive service from waitstaff including hot and speedy food. The restaurant was not full, and the music was a little dated at times, but there was good ambience that filled the room.

Dietary requirements

Something for everyone! Lots of veggie and vegan pasta options, and some gluten free.

In conclusion…

The Spaghetti Incident is a hidden gem with pasta so inspiring that I finally made an Instagram food review account. No, really. If you find yourself in Bristol, you have to go. (And if you find yourself on Instagram, give me a follow! @liv_laugh_lunch)

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